The new plan for coordinating integrated pest management in the palms of Elche, which launched in September fight City Hall has managed to save, for now, more than five hundred copies. This was explained yesterday José Javier Siguenza, Municipal advisor and representative plant Baobab tree nurseries, a company contracted by the Consistory has conducted a study of no less than 100,000 units.

The big news that has been provided is a geolocated map of all specimens affected by weevils or Paysandisia. It has also generated a database with a “much more comprehensive than had until now” information, said the specialist. For the first time since 2005, “the City Council again has data on all palm trees, decision-making power to act on each of them, and more precisely towards their location by technicians”, he added Siguenza.

In a first review (held from September 29 to March 1), which was undertaken by the Tragsa commercial, 1,021 were detected infected palms. After a second survey (March 2 so far) has been proven that through this system have managed to save 55% of these specimens, which remain under intensive monitoring. Other interesting data that pinpoints a report by Baobab, is that in traditional orchards, which will be about 69,000 palms, 0.88% are affected. The most serious case, as it was published, has been in the Hort del Gat, where 22% of the specimens suffered one of these pests and were cleared. However, only 39% of cases occur in orchards Historical Palm Grove, “so it is important to have more control in private areas and those found in urban roads.” The report states that 76% of cases of disease is weevil and Paysandisia 24%. Thus, it states that 85% of detections have been in young palms. “This percentage indicates how vital it is that the Consistory decided to replant the specimens have to finally cut down, because if not, in a few years we will find a very aged Palmeral” reiterated the same specialist.

He also stressed that most cases of affected palms come from areas that were abandoned and that the necessary actions are not performed. Furthermore, he highlighted the increased presence of Paysandisia in Elche Palm Grove, and although it has less devastating than the weevil effects, said not yet have effective phytosanitary treatments to stop it and are authorized to parks and gardens. This strategy complements and coordinates with the work of other involved agents such as Tragsa, conselleria, the specific chair of the UMH and Glen Biotech.