Information provided by: Glen Biotech

When choosing a red palm weevil treatment must know that there is only one way to apply, but there are also different types of products and different fields of use, which means that it is not the same as a domestic garden park. Therefore we must consider:

- There are chemical and biological products, some of them environmentally sustainable, which is why we should choose one of the latter in order to contribute positively.

- Each application has a different system, which is why you should follow the instructions indicated on the product. It is the user's responsibility to read them before application.

- The field of use is very different and each product is for one of them, plus we'll have to have the necessary permits and supporting applied in this area.

- When we go to try a red weevil treatment, whatever, is very important to advise it, especially if we are using a chemical, because our neighbors may be being affected by an active substance that can be harmful to health.

To be sure we are treated well, it is best to ask an opinion on an agricultural professional, which may indicate us how we can do it.

It would also be interesting to create somewhere a log table where we indicate that we are applying and how we are doing. This formula also serve to consider when is the next time we have to treat the condition and we can not forget or apply too often and create the opposite effect to the one we had in mind.