II didactic and tourist itinerary for the Palm Grove of Elche

It is occurring now flowering palm trees and that gives a special charm to the palm grove. Spathes, popularly called “caixetes” burst and release male or female inflorescences as appropriate. It is therefore an ideal place to visit the palm grove and understand a little better the biology of palms moment. In addition, at this time the vegetation and fauna of orchards also acquire their best with the agret and blackbirds present everywhere. The route this time will be the…

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Increase the budget to combat weevil half a million euros

Source: The Regional Minister of the Environment has said during his visit to Elche since the Government has increased by half a million euro budget that has been set for this year to combat the plague and maintain Palmeral of Elche, so the final game more than two million euros. The councilor pointed out that this increase also will open a new research line with the Polytechnic University of Valencia for a treatment containing the weevil. For this, a…

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Consejos para tratamiento picudo rojo

Information provided by: Glen Biotech When choosing a red palm weevil treatment must know that there is only one way to apply, but there are also different types of products and different fields of use, which means that it is not the same as a domestic garden park. Therefore we must consider: – There are chemical and biological products, some of them environmentally sustainable, which is why we should choose one of the latter in order to contribute positively. -…

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