The Regional Minister of the Environment has said during his visit to Elche since the Government has increased by half a million euro budget that has been set for this year to combat the plague and maintain Palmeral of Elche, so the final game more than two million euros.

The councilor pointed out that this increase also will open a new research line with the Polytechnic University of Valencia for a treatment containing the weevil. For this, a worth 200,000 euros with a team of scientists led by Dr. Pilar Mateu and have worked Malaria agreement will be signed.

The regional secretary for Agriculture pointed out that so far there has been a total lack of organization in order to effectively combat this square, a plague that has not been eradicated anywhere in the world. So the idea is to find the Generalitat in research techniques containing the spread of this pest.

The PP calls for the felled palm trees Hort del Gat withdraw

The popular group claims that the company Trasca remove infested palm weevil have been cut in the Hort del Gat, to prevent the plague proliferate as they take days to accumulate on the floor.

The area councilor, Antonio Garcia, said that Trascsa is taking care of gradually withdrawing but this process takes time, and they must be crushed out of the garden and the work will last several weeks