(Español) Tribuna

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Volem Palmerar in Teleelx TV

Part of the program “Elche moves with you” issued on June 3, 2016

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Volem Palmerar

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(Español) Tribuna

Nueva ley del Palmeral

Tribuna de Joan Antoni Oltra


Volem Palmerar

Defensa del Palmeral

La UNESCO  reconoce al Palmeral d’Elx como patromonio de la humanidad, en nuestras manos y la de las instituciones está la responsabilidad de manternerlo para nuestros hijos.

Defensem el Palmeral d'Elx

Association in defense of Palmeral

Our association is not linked to any political party, we are only ilicitanos birth or adoption who are concerned about the conservation of this patrimoinio before the advance of pests such as the red palm weevil, excessive urbanization and the abandonment of the palm itself by the responsible institutions.

Education and Outreach on the Palm

Volem Palmerar develops multiple activities for the promotion and defense of Pameral Elche. During the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of the World Heritage Palmerar Elche, we performed multiple acts for promotion: Paintings Workshops, guided tours and talks in orchards.

Palmeral Histórico

The Palm Grove of Elche will be created by the early Muslims who founded Elche.2 The Arabs followed the same tactic protection and increased planting; with Abderramán I became the great network of canals. In this Umayyad prince, exiled in al-Andalus, they attributed precisely a poem dedicated to one of the first peninsular palms:

Palm Oh! You are, like me, foreign
in the West, away from your homeland

Combat red palm weevil

The red palm weevil plaguing the Palm d’Elx which has been devastated by this insect. The data are alarming and Volem Palmerar is aware of this problem, claiming administrations efficient solutions.

Volem Palmerar